About Us


Over $1500 – We Pay $200.00 w/ repair
Over $3000 – We Pay $350.00 w/ repair
Over $5000 – We Pay $500.00 w/ repair
Also financing available for deductibles more than $500 and up to $1000.
• The insurance company can not tell you 
   where to have your vehicle repaired in 
   the state of Texas.
• We will repair by insurance estimate.
• We will replace parts and paint your vehicle
   according to your insurance estimate.
• We will repair your vehicle in a timely manner.
• You have the right to choose the body shop 
   you want to repair your vehicle.

(817) 226-3971
Fax: (817) 274-6989
E-mail: a_national@juno.com
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Insurance Accepted


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