No Hidden Fees-Saved Money

4 months ago
I took my aunt’s car to 3 shops before I remembered this one. About 4yrs back I stopped in to drop off some of my cards seeing I have a glass business and he had a glass shop. While there I asked him about my door that my wife had backed into and jammed my door. He went and got a crow bar and bent the fender back for door was back to working perfectly he told me no charge. Back to my aunt’s cat he said 4 days and he will have it completed in 4 days. The good thing about it is he is $2000.00 cheaper than the highest bid on our list and $900.00 on our lowest. No hidden fees on the quote what I was quoted is what I will have to pay. Thank you guys you kept me from having my insurance not going up. Job well done I will definitely recommend all request for information on a body shop in the future.
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